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Unstoppable and willing to kill!

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She´s totally focused on the sweetest things in life. She´s the candy queen. She´s Marie Antoinette. (Apart from the looks it could have been me, too.)
I guess I was influenced by the movie with… er…Kirsten Dunst? Is that her name? I dunno. The story was not that spectacular, but the images were awesome. Loved how colorful and bright everything was.

Red becomes green.

Another one based on some newspaper article

Nowadays living conditions for laboratory mice are being improved by giving them furniture…

One  illustration a day is some hard work, I can tell…

I´m a bit frustrated right now. I´ve got this very long list of illustrators I admire and every time I look at their work I come up with a sentence like “How the funk are they doing that? And why can´t I do things like that? Why, oh why?” And all I hear is “Well, honey, then you´ve gotta work harder to become better!” Yeah, thanks… Ok, so I´m working harder. One drawing a day and coloring improvement as often as possible. For some reason I´m a total sucker for color. I´m too lazy to do a whole drawing in colored pencils but I can´t handle brushes either. So I´m playing around in photoshop, trying to achieve the look I want. I feel like I´m still miles away, but I guess it´s gotta be like that.

We were watching a tv documentation about some zoo the other day and I was trying to fullfil my”one drawing a day”-plan. Most of the time I fail, but that day I made it.

Postcards of this little fellow are available here. Seems like I´m having a blue period.

Monster me

Me. As a monster. Obviously inspired by the Thing from the Black Lagoon. But I can explain that: I was supposed to draw a monster version of myself. On a wall. And for some reason I used Acrylics, which is close to the most horrible material for me. Everyone in class said I was out of my mind to draw so much detail. But I felt like it, so I did it. And I want door knobs just like that when we´ve got our own kitchen!

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