There´s a fair especially for millionaires in Russia where you can buy all the stuff noone needs. Golden horses with diamond eyes. Things like that.


One  illustration a day is some hard work, I can tell…

Done for illustration class, based on a newspaper article about the 1950s in Germany.

When I was a kid I hated that guy. It was something personal about his broadcasting time and my favorite cartoons broadcasting time. I still don´t like him after all these years. He´s like the italo-japanese Mickey Mouse. Always smart and nice. Bah!

Frankensteins youngest creation was even strong enough to carry a brain twice as heavy as his own one.

I´m a bit frustrated right now. I´ve got this very long list of illustrators I admire and every time I look at their work I come up with a sentence like “How the funk are they doing that? And why can´t I do things like that? Why, oh why?” And all I hear is “Well, honey, then you´ve gotta work harder to become better!” Yeah, thanks… Ok, so I´m working harder. One drawing a day and coloring improvement as often as possible. For some reason I´m a total sucker for color. I´m too lazy to do a whole drawing in colored pencils but I can´t handle brushes either. So I´m playing around in photoshop, trying to achieve the look I want. I feel like I´m still miles away, but I guess it´s gotta be like that.

We were watching a tv documentation about some zoo the other day and I was trying to fullfil my”one drawing a day”-plan. Most of the time I fail, but that day I made it.

Postcards of this little fellow are available here. Seems like I´m having a blue period.

Just a short one because it´s late: We survived our very first week in the new appartment. No victims of starvation yet. We didn´t quite expect that,thinking about that our kitchen´s arriving some time in october. My imagination makes me believe that it´s somewhat better than the camping cooker on a stool we´re working with right now.

This years birthday present, by the way, was a one day trip to Phantasialand. I think I´m addicted to theme parks now. That´s what we did on wednesday. Today we did the family part with the Yeti family. Mr. Yeti madehis almost legendary mashed potatoes and in the evening we got an awesome two man accoustic concert featuring him and his former neighbour.

Plus, last but not least, I finished the completely new Woohoo and Good Night!

We were at a flea market last weekend to find some nice vintage lamps for sleeping room and kitchen. Here´s what we got:

Lamp No1

Lamp No2

The first one was 10€, the second one 4€. I don´t know much about No. 1, but the other one was made by Häve before 1992. Any ideas about the decade, anyone?

Oh, and then there was this little cutie:


I hope it says something naughty ;]

Some pictures of a little book  I did for last semesters layout class:

Gut Mord! Cover

Gut Mord!

Gut Mord!

I was heavily influenced by 50´s horror as you may can tell. The foot on the cover belongs to my cousin, all pictures used in the book were made by me. I really had some fun making this.

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