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All my illustration work now has it´s own blog.


Unstoppable and willing to kill!

This one is available on shirts over at my shop The Undead Tomcat.

She´s totally focused on the sweetest things in life. She´s the candy queen. She´s Marie Antoinette. (Apart from the looks it could have been me, too.)
I guess I was influenced by the movie with… er…Kirsten Dunst? Is that her name? I dunno. The story was not that spectacular, but the images were awesome. Loved how colorful and bright everything was.

Red becomes green.

Another one based on some newspaper article

Nowadays living conditions for laboratory mice are being improved by giving them furniture…

My name is Dr. White, may I help you?

There´s a fair especially for millionaires in Russia where you can buy all the stuff noone needs. Golden horses with diamond eyes. Things like that.

Done for illustration class, based on a newspaper article about the 1950s in Germany.

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