“The brain that wouldn´t die”. Well, let´s just say that I expected a bit more. I really liked the idea of it. The mad scientist and that talking head without a body. And the plastic brain at the beginning looked like it´d be a lot of fun first. But then nothing much happened. And the ending…are you serious? What was that? I don´t need buckets of blood and guts flying around, but a horror movie should be a little bit scary when it comes to the big final, shouldn´t it? Even in the sixties. In fact the movie poster´s scarier than the movie itself.

Oh, and what an awesome contest! I think I´m not gonna finish anyting within the deadline, but I´m definately gonna do a portrait of myself at the age of 100 soon. Woohooo!

And now, worship the Three Wolf Moon for it brings you power and money and sexiness and all that stuff women love about men.