We just started cleaning out the first closets to avoid the big stress when it comes to moving. So Mr. Yeti looked through his boxes and found those:

How awesome is that? They were given to him by a japanese friend. The biggest size he could find, but unluckily still to small for my boyfriend. Not to small for me, though. They fit perfectly and even got a very small heel! And the straps are made of some strange material. It feels kinda synthetic but on the other hand it´s got some nice texture and Mr. Yeti told me that they´d smell like fish when he first got them. I have no idea.
We also found a wonderful japanese fan with pink flowers and some inspiring japanese paper products that finally gave me an idea for my “cookie box completely made out of paper” project. The preview inside my head looks great. A bit kitschy, but great. The biggest difficulty for me is to avoid any sort of glue as far as possible because I´m not that sure about the effects of glue on ones health.

Right now we´re having something like a zombie weekend. Last night we watched “Night of the living dead“. I loved it, Mr. Yeti thought it was shabby. Ok, Barbara was horribly annoying and Mr.Cooper had some serious problems (and I´m not talking about zombies)  but the second half of the movie was a nice mix of wow and wtf?!. I definately didn´t see things coming. And that´s a good thing. Tonight we´re gonna have a look at “The brain that wouldn´t die“. It sounds awesomely frankensteinesk. Is there anything better than some good old black and white horror?