Another postcard illustration for silkscreen printing. The speech bubble is dedicated to Mr. Yeti; noone imitates a psycho duck better than he does. I wish I could add a soundfile to every printed card…
The illustration is based on a sketch I did on grey recycling paper, so maybe I´m gonna do both versions: the super clean silkscreen and the rough paper version. We´ll see.

And now for something completely different: Me, Mr. Yeti and the gang spent the weekend camping. I´m not really a camper. I hate sleeping in a tent. It means sleeping on hard, uneven ground. And I don´t want to share my “bedroom” with bugs and grass that somehow made it into the inside of my tent. I always think that there´s something living inside my sleeping bag. Plus I´m extremely scared of ticks. People are making fun of it but ticks are my spiders when it comes to phobias. But all in all I saw “only” one tick. Of course I was the only one tgo see one at all. It was walking around on my hand and I felt like killing it. And sometimes you just have to trust your feelings. 
And then there was my sick stomach last night. You know that your boyfriend really loves you when he gets up at 3am just to be there when you ralph your brain out because of a mean glutamatized steak you had in the evening.
What we also had to find out was that some people are still full of klischee thinking. Ok, you can tell by our looks that we listen to Metal. You don´t have to like that. But we´re a totally peaceful, great herd and you can talk to us. And if our music is too loud you just have to tell us in a friendly way. There were people who did so. But there were also people who would complain about us at the groundkeeper´s office. Because they were scared. Because they thought we were drunk and aggressive. Well…maybe a little bit drunk, most of us, but never aggressive. (This is the right moment to send greetings to little Lennart, who stayed with us every evening, and his parents, whose only worry was that he could go on our nerves).
Still, the past three days were great fun, warm, relaxing and I got my Rhine christening (100% religion free) in jeans and shirt. And I saw some fireflies. For the first time ever!